So you like the idea of "Refurbishing" but you don't have any furniture for us to work on? That's no problem! We have enough furniture in stock at any point in time to outfit about 500 offices. We simply use our product and "remanufacture" it to meet your needs.

 "Remanufactured" means...
Simply stated, remanufactured furniture includes any previously enjoyed items that we transform to look (and nearly be) brand new.  You select the fabrics and finished to match your office décor and find pieces in our warhouse to refinish specifically for your space.
Our "Product Transformation" has four distinct components:

  • Mechanical Performance and Surface Preparation
  • Laminating and Table Top Renewal and Replacement
  • Upholstery
  • Finishing

We know: “Sounds Expensive” – and although it’s not “free” – fully remanufactured products typically sell for about ½ the cost of identical new ones.


If you own office furniture you’d like to give new life to, refurbishing is a great alternative.
All used office furniture goes through our four phase refurbishing process.

Product Preparation:

  • Strip down the furniture to its foundation
  • Assess and assure integrity. (If it’s not structurally sound, we will be honest with you up front.)
  • Strip old finishes
  • Remove rust or corrosion
  • Sand
  • Fill dents or gouges
  • Prepare it for the next phase of production


Wood or metal pieces are:

  • Painted
  • Stained
  • Toned
  • Clear coated
You will choose from a vast array of colors and finishes to match or complement existing interiors, or to create a fresh, new look.


Our well-appointed shop has a double post-form laminating machine and a variety of saws, routers and cutters to create virtually any shaped laminate surface. We can repair, re-laminate or create new laminate tops for desks, tables and more.


  Our upholstery refurbishing process includes:

  • Removal the old fabric
  • Evaluation the internal structure – foam padding, webbing, springs
  • Replacing any worn or compromised parts
  • Expertly reupholster the piece according to your specifications.

When complete, your refurbished and remanufactured furniture looks brand new, you’ve saved a load of money, and saved a valuable item from going into the landfill.
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